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BioDesign Pools

The Future of Backyard Luxury

At Blue Lagoon Pools in Sinking Spring, PA, we’re thrilled to unveil an innovative addition to our pool offerings: BioDesign Pools. This revolutionary concept in swimming pool design transcends the traditional, transforming not just your backyard but the way you think about pools.

The BioDesign Revolution

Gone are the days of swimming pools as mere “boxes” in the ground. BioDesign Pools shatter this old paradigm, offering a harmonious blend of aesthetic beauty, functional design, and ecological sensitivity. Crafted nearly 15 years ago, this patented technology has redefined the swimming pool as a comfortable living area, seamlessly extending the luxury of your home into the great outdoors.

A Pool Tailored to You and Nature

Each BioDesign Pool is a unique creation, molded to fit the needs of the client and the character of the landscape. Imagine a pool that includes not just a place for swimming but an integrated beach for shoreline relaxation, sunbathing, safe children’s play areas, and even submerged chairs, beds, and aero-therapeutic massage areas. It’s not just a pool; it’s your personal oasis.

Commitment to Eco-friendliness

BioDesign Pools are the epitome of environmental respect and innovation. Without relying on reinforced concrete, these pools blend beautifully into your yard, minimizing environmental impact. They utilize resources efficiently—water, energy, and materials—ensuring a sustainable, reduced environmental footprint from production through everyday use.

Experience Maximum Relaxation

With BioDesign technology, every detail of the pool—from beaches and lounges to benches and steps—is planned in collaboration with you, without inflating costs or timelines. The natural colors, rocks, and boulders that make up the pool design epitomize uniqueness, offering an unparalleled aesthetic that integrates with your home’s outdoor space.

The Antibacterial Pool: A Safe Sanctuary

BioDesign Pools are designed with your health in mind, featuring a structural coating that reduces bacterial load by up to 99%. Thanks to the technology based on silver ions, it inhibits the growth of bacteria, providing permanent protection integrated within the resin. Endorsed by Microban®, the world leader in antimicrobial technology, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your pool is a safe, clean environment for your family.

Quality Guaranteed

Backed by Microban®, BioDesign Pools promise not only an aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly choice but also a durable and health-conscious decision. This is more than just a pool; it’s an investment in your home, lifestyle, and well-being.

At Blue Lagoon Pools, we’re excited to bring the future of pools to your backyard with BioDesign. Say goodbye to the traditional pool and hello to a living, breathing extension of your home that offers relaxation, beauty, and a connection to nature like never before.

Explore the possibilities today and discover how a BioDesign Pool can transform your outdoor living space. Visit us at Blue Lagoon Pools in Sinking Spring, PA, to start your journey to backyard perfection.

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