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Winter Pool Care Program


As winter weather approaches, concerns about your pool’s well-being may arise. The unpredictable temperatures, excess rainfall, and snow can impact your pool in unexpected ways.

At Blue Lagoon Pools, we understand the unique challenges winter presents for pool care. That’s why we introduce our Winter Pool Care Program to address all your winter pool maintenance needs.

Why Choose Our Winter Pool Care Program?


    • Chemical Balance Assurance: We test and balance crucial elements like pH, carbonate alkalinity, and calcium hardness. Aggressive agitation ensures even dispersion of chemicals, maintaining the health of your pool water.


    • Proactive Chlorine and Algaecide Application: We add liquid chlorine and algaecide as needed, preventing the growth of algae and maintaining water clarity.


    • Water Level Monitoring and Adjustment: Our experts monitor water levels, making necessary adjustments to counteract the impact of rainy and snowy winters.


    • Cover Pump and Equipment Check: We inspect cover pumps, ensuring hoses and cords are functional. A comprehensive check of the pool cover, including anchors, straps, springs, and water bags, ensures the utmost protection.


    • Heater Rodent Inspection: We look out for any unwelcome guests, inspecting the heater for signs of rodent activity to prevent potential damage.


    • Visual Inspection of Equipment: Our team conducts a basic visual inspection of pool equipment to identify any potential issues before they escalate.


Customized Winter Care Schedule:


You are in control of the frequency of our visits. Depending on your pool’s unique needs, we may recommend 1 or 2 visits per month. Contact our office to determine the frequency that aligns with your preferences. Please note that service will be temporarily suspended once the pool water freezes, and we’ll resume when conditions permit.

Ensure your pool’s well-being throughout the winter months with our Winter Pool Care Program. Contact Blue Lagoon Pools today to schedule your personalized winter pool maintenance plan.

Winter Pool Care Program Sinking Spring, PA

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