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Pool Chemicals

Achieve a Pristine Pool with Pool Season® Chemicals

Maintain the perfect swimming environment all season long with our comprehensive range of Pool Season® products. Designed for ease of use and effectiveness, our selection of oxidizers, sanitizers, balancers, and algaecides ensure your pool remains stunning and safe for the entire family.

With Pool Season® chemicals, you can significantly reduce cleaning time and increase moments of joy and relaxation—at an affordable price.

All your pool chemical needs are conveniently available for purchase at Blue Lagoon Pools showroom or through our hassle-free delivery service, bringing quality pool care directly to your doorstep.

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Pool Equipment by Pentair

Using Pentair pool equipment can greatly enhance the efficiency and enjoyment of your swimming pool, providing reliable and high-performance solutions for filtration, cleaning, heating and more.


Sanitizers are crucial for maintaining a healthy pool environment by effectively killing bacteria, algae, and other harmful organisms. Our Regal sanitizers offer long-lasting protection against contaminants, with added sun protection to extend chlorine life and ensure your pool water remains clear and safe for swimming.


Regularly shocking your pool with our oxidizers helps eliminate organic matter introduced by swimmers and natural elements. This essential step restores water clarity, reduces the need for sanitizer, and prevents the buildup of irritants, keeping the pool water inviting and refreshing.


Algae Prevention: 

Algaecides play a vital role in your pool maintenance routine by adding an extra layer of protection. Our Pool Season Algaecides are formulated to prevent and eliminate all types of algae, ensuring your pool remains clean, clear, and free from unsightly and unsafe algae growth.


Achieving properly balanced water is key to preventing corrosion, staining, and ensuring optimal sanitizer performance. Pool Season Balancers make the process straightforward, helping you to maintain the ideal chemical balance for a more enjoyable and safe swimming experience.


For those times when your pool faces specific water issues, Pool Season Supplements are here to help. Our range includes cleaners, clarifiers, and stain removers designed to tackle various problems, ensuring your pool remains in top condition.

Water Testing:

We’re committed to keeping your family safe and healthy. Bring a water sample to our Blue Lagoon Pool Showroom for a FREE WATER TEST. Our experts will analyze your water and recommend the best Pool Season® products to keep your pool water perfectly balanced and safe.

Pool Equipment

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